Winston-Salem, NC – The Triad’s community-minded breweries will be releasing a special collaboration beer, Court Shoes Only, to benefit the Winston-Salem ACEing Autism program location on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

Introducing Court Shoes Only. Built from a collaboration between two of the Triad region’s most highly regarded brewers, Andrew Deming of Four Saints Brewing Company and Sam Victory of Wise Man Brewing, this year’s base recipe is a West Coast IPA; a style that provides generous freedom for breweries from across the area to express their personality and creativity within their variant.

The purpose of Court Shoes Only is capture the spirit of the brewery community in the cities ACEing Autism has a program location as a way to generate awareness, accessibility and affordability of its specialized tennis curriculum for individuals with autism.

“After successfully piloting the Court Shoes Only initiative in Charlotte early last year, the results achieved were incredible for ACEing Autism awareness, engagement and donation activity,” said Nils Weldy, Regional Program Director for ACEing Autism southeastern program locations. “To launch Court Shoes Only in an established brewery community like the Triad is an awesome opportunity for ACEing Autism to have a greater impact within the local autism community,” Weldy added.

This year’s Court Shoes Only beer release date of April 2 is significant because it is also recognized as World Autism Awareness Day; an important date for increasing understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism across the globe.

About the brewers behind the inspiration for the Triad region’s Court Shoes Only beer recipe:

Longtime friend of ACEing Autism, Andrew Deming, head brewer and co-owner of Four Saints Brewing Company, was a natural selection to collaborate on the Triad’s Court Shoes Only beer recipe. Andrew’s beers are “not defined or limited by a focused niche and range from classic styles to extremely experimental.” On the classic end of the beer spectrum, Andrew gravitated toward a West Coast IPA base beer recipe, providing freedom for the Triad’s brewery community to approach the recipe with an open mind and an open stance.

Sam Victory, co-owner and founder of Wise Man Brewing and co-creator of the Triad region’s Court Shoes Only recipe, turned a passion and skill for homebrewing into a commercial brewing venture with the opening of Wise Man in 2017. Formerly a Ph.D. chemist, Sam brings a technical approach to recipe formulation while also simply believing that brewing is about “having fun and making something tasty.”